Chris Barron

General Manager

Responsible for the development of Kiswishi Special Economic Zone, Chris is based in Lubumbashi. Chris joined Rendeavour in 2011 and was most recently Country Head, Kenya.

Before joining Rendeavour, Chris worked in numerous countries in the military-security, humanitarian and private sectors. Chris has spent 20 years working across Africa.

Chris holds a Masters degree from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Yannick Kitambo

Operations Manager

"We are shifting urban development paradigms in Africa"

Yannick started his career at Rendeavour and has been involved in Kiswishi SEZ from its inception. He has successively risen through the ranks within the organization for the past eleven years and is currently responsible for Kiwishi's operations management.

Yannick holds a master’s degree in Administration Sciences from the University of Lubumbashi, Faculty of Political and Administration Sciences

Aimee Mideso

Sales and Marketing Associate

Josephine Kaindu

Transaction Associate

Melody Hao

China Business Manager


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