Development Control Company

Geniland SA, the SEZ developer owned by Rendeavour, Africa’s largest new city builder, manages Kiswishi SEZ.

Geniland SA and Kiswishi SEZ Property Owners will set up a Property Owners Association (POA) for the management of the city. The POA will appoint a management company to maintain infrastructure and common areas within Kiswishi SEZ.

POA members will be responsible for service charges, which ensure the ongoing management and maintenance of Kiswishi SEZ.

A Development Control Company (DCC) will be established to regulate the applicable designs guidelines and to approve construction plans. The DCC will work under the leadership and supervision of the Geniland SA, as the SEZ developer.

Geniland SA will remain a long-term member of the POA and sit on the DCC board to ensure the preservation of the project’s vision and the standards of the development.


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