Kiswishi and Rendeavour aim to facilitate the positive transformation of Africa. While we are principally focused on infrastructure and the conversion of usable land, we also believe that environmental protection and community investments are vital to self-sustaining and balanced transformation. Long term economic development will only be self-sustaining, and therefore demonstrably successful, if humans and the environment are equally valued. At all Rendeavour developments, we are recognised for our leadership in social investment.

Our social purpose is driven by four pillars: Education, Community, Healthcare and Conservation.

Kiswishi has a deep commitment to its local communities. We provide basic healthcare to more than 900 people and organise community forums for healthy lifestyles. We also provide stationery and school bags to hundreds of students of Makaya, Kintu and Kipili villages.


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+243 85 12 51 889

7eme Niveau Bâtiment Index, Coin des avenues De la Révolution et Idiofa
Commune Lubumbashi – Province du Haut-Katanga
République Démocratique du Congo