Careers at Rendeavour

Join us in building Africa’s Urban Future

The Rendeavour Person

The people in our team are multi-skilled and experts in their respective fields. Flexible enough to travel the continent to project sites when needed, they possess a unique drive, underpinned by the desire to help improve Africa’s urban development.

Individual experience in emerging markets is a must. As is the ability to multi-task across a range of challenges on numerous projects in diverse environments. Above all, each Rendeavour person has the ability to think and act as a team, using digital and physical communication to get the job done.

If you are interested in joining Rendeavour, please feel free to contact any of our offices, or look out for a vacancy below.

Life at Rendeavour

Every day is different at Rendeavour. You could be operating from one of our project offices across the continent, but you’ll also be sharing the workload with a team that brings experience from across the globe.

A Rendeavour day is not your usual nine-to-five experience. While you’re finalising a sale in Nairobi, your colleague could be returning from a site inspection in Ghana, as another is arriving in Zambia to commission a new road. The satisfaction of seeing projects you’re working on come to fruition can’t be beaten. The end result is helping to provide a new life for the continent — and a new Urban Future for Africa.


How to Apply

To apply for a role at Rendeavour please send your CV and cover letter to