The first private Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kiswishi is a new city development zoned for light industrial, commercial, residential, retail, social and recreational facilities.

Kiswishi SEZ is located in Lubumbashi at the intersection of Likasi (N1) and Kasenga (N5) Roads, which run alongside the extension of Lubumbashi’s industrial zone, about 6km from Luano International Airport and 12km from Lubumbashi’s Central Business District.

Kiswishi SEZ covers 4,400 hectares and is being developed in phases. Phase 1 is planned on 110 hectares.

Kiswishi is a project by Rendeavour, the largest new city builder in Africa. Rendeavour – backed by American, Norwegian, British and New Zealand investors – is building seven new cities in DRC, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. Rendeavour mixed-use cities are renowned for their high-quality land title, master planning and infrastructure.


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7eme Niveau Bâtiment Index, Coin des avenues De la Révolution et Idiofa
Commune Lubumbashi – Province du Haut-Katanga
République Démocratique du Congo